Harm potential of magic mushroom use: A review

In 2007, the Minister of Well being of the Netherlands requested the CAM (Coordination level Evaluation and Monitoring new medicine) to evaluate the general threat of magic mushrooms. The current paper is an up to date redraft of the overview, written to help the evaluation by CAM consultants. It summarizes the literature on bodily or psychological dependence, acute and power toxicity, threat for public well being and felony facets associated to the consumption of magic mushrooms.

Within the Netherlands, the prevalence of magic mushroom use was declining since 2000 (final 12 months prevalence of 6.three% in 2000 to 2.9% in 2005), and additional declined after possession and use grew to become unlawful in December 2008.

The CAM concluded that the bodily and psychological dependence potential of magic mushrooms was low, that acute toxicity was reasonable, power toxicity low and public well being and felony facets negligible. The mixed use of mushrooms and alcohol and the standard of the setting through which magic mushrooms are used deserve, nonetheless, consideration.

In conclusion, using magic mushrooms is comparatively secure as solely few and comparatively gentle opposed results have been reported. The low prevalent however unpredictable provocation of panic assaults and flash-backs stay, nonetheless, some extent of concern.

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